Pepsi to Reintroduce Limited Edition Crystal Pepsi in Early 2014

NEW YORK — PepsiCo announced on Monday that its failed clear cola, known as Crystal Pepsi, would be making a comeback in early 2014 as a limited edition re-release. The soda was an early 90s flop, making now the perfect time to bring it back from the dead

Crystal Pepsi was originally marketed as a caffeine-free “clear alternative” to normal brown colas, casting the drink’s clear color as healthy and pure. The drink’s original marketing slogan: “You’ve never seen a taste like this”.

The company is famous for relaunching “real sugar” throwbacks of their popular Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper drink lines. This is the first time an unmitigated flop will be given the throwback treatment.

“Twenty years ago consumers found the soda’s unusual coloring to be off-putting,” noted PepsiCo spokesman Mark Draper. “Now, the novelty of anything associated with the 1990s pretty much guarantees it will sell enough units for us to make some money with it.”

The product uses the same formulation as classic Pepsi, but in the final step a few drops of a special, commercial-grade bleach are added to remove all coloring. The clear soda will be available in lesser grocery stores and select convenience stores, primarily concentrated in low-income markets and the south.

“Most of our customers have literally had their synapses fried by an over-abundance of selection in the soda aisle,” Draper continued. “We feel like Crystal Pepsi can attract both nostalgic hipsters who will drink it ironically and the genuinely confused. It’s a winning combination for us.”

The original Crystal Pepsi was introduced in 1992 and quickly discontinued in 1993.